Friday, June 11, 2010

Keeper by Kathi Appelt

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From the Publisher: "To ten-year-old Keeper, this moon is her chance to fix all that has gone wrong...and so much has gone wrong. But she knows who can make things right again: Meggie Marie, her mermaid mother who swam away when Keeper was just three. A blue moon calls the mermaids to gather at the sandbar, and that's exactly where she is headed — in a small boat, in the middle of the night, with only her dog, BD (Best Dog), and a seagull named Captain. When the riptide pulls at the boat, tugging her away from the shore and deep into the rough waters of the Gulf of Mexico, panic sets in, and the fairy tales that lured her out there go tumbling into the waves. Maybe the blue moon isn't magic and maybe the sandbar won't sparkle with mermaids."
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 2010, 399 pp.

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  1. The story was unique but went on for far too long. The constant looking-back distracted from Keeper's midnight escapade. The cover art is irrelevant to the storyline. The difference between fantasy and reality is fuzzy, yet at times makes the book more interesting. Animal-lovers with tender hearts will breath a sigh of relief with the ending.