Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sparky: the Life and Art of Charles Schulz by Beverly Gherman

From the Publisher: "As the artist behind the beloved Peanuts comic strip for more than 50 years, Charles Schulz arguably the most famous cartoonist in the world created a colorful cast of characters that continues to bring humor and comfort to millions of readers. In this distinctively designed yet highly accessible book, renowned children's biographer Beverly Gherman traces both the life events that shaped Schulz's art and the various ways in which art influenced his life in return. Acclaimed by artists ranging from Andrew Wyeth to Mo Willems, the artistic elements of Schulz's work are brought to life in a colorful layout and thoroughly explored in an enchanting text that will draw in even the most reluctant readers."
Publisher: Chronicle, 2010, 128 pp.

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  1. I read "Sparky" and thought it was pretty good. It's interesting that the author could make funny comics so serious. You would think that the story, mainly about his life, would be funny but really it's not as you would think. Yes, he did get some characters from his life but the story... oh no! His life was filled with challenges that he had to overcome. One of these challenges was that he had blocked arteries and would have to have open heart surgery. The open heart surgery would prevent him from playing the sports he loved and from drawing his comics. Find out how he rose against those challenges by reading the book!
    Also, a cool thing about the book is that it is not like a normal book. It has colored pages and colored font. It has examples of a comic strips he is working on, too! Lastly, it shows big pictures of his life so you really follow what he is talking about.