Saturday, April 24, 2010

Birmingham Sunday by Larry Brimmer

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Traces the events that led up to the 1963 boming of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama that killed
four African-American girls.  Black & white photos complement the text.
Publisher: Calkins Creek, 2010, 48 pp.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Anna Maria's Gift by Janice Shefelman

Anna Maria's Gift by Robert Papp: Book CoverFrom the Publisher: "When Anna Maria's father, a famous violin maker, dies, she is sent to live in the Pieta, an orphanage in Venice. Though she misses her father, she knows he will always be with her, as long as she has the beautiful violin he crafted for her. Luckily, the Pieta is not just an orphanage—it’s also a renowned music school whose teacher is none other than composer Antonio Vivaldi. When Anna Maria becomes his star pupil, another orphan’s jealousy leads her to throw Anna Maria’s precious violin into the canals. With help from her beloved teacher and new friends, Anna Maria searches Venice’s bridges, streets, and canals, but it seems hopeless. Will Anna Maria ever find her father’s violin?" Publisher: Random House, 2010, 112 pp.

The Everlasting Now by Sara H. Banks

The Everlasting Now by Sara H. Banks: Book Cover
From the Publisher: "In depression-era Alabama, Brother Sayre grows up in his family's boarding house with a number of railroad employees who serve as substitute fathers. Brother strikes up a friendship with Champion, the nephew of his family's maid, who has come south from Detroit." Publisher:  Peachtree, 2010, 176 pp.

Missing in Action by Dean Hughes

Missing in Action by Dean Hughes: Book CoverFrom the Publisher: "Dirty. Lazy. Good-for-nothing. Jay Thacker is used to hearing himself called names because his dad is half-Navajo. But he's hoping, now that he and his mom have moved to stay with his grandparents because of WWII, that things could be different. Delta is a tiny town in Utah, nothing like Salt Lake, where they used to live. And Jay's grandfather is an elder in the church, a beloved and well-respected man. Jay begins to make friends and even to make some money as he works the fields for his grandfather. There's just one problem: he works alongside a young man named Ken, who's from the camps in nearby Topaz. Which means Ken is a Jap. And Jay's dad, who's been fighting for the navy out in the Pacific, was recently declared Missing in Action." Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 2010, 228 pp.

Sports Camp by Rich Wallace

Sports Camp by Rich Wallace: Book CoverFrom the Publisher: "Riley feels like the smallest kid at sports camp. In fact, he is. He just turned eleven in April, but most kids here are twelve, and a few are even thirteen—and gigantic. It’s hard enough for a shrimp like Riley to fit in. He just doesn’t want to be the weak link as his bunk competes for the Camp Olympia Trophy. Riley knows he’s no good at strength and accuracy games like basketball and softball. But when it comes to speed and endurance events, like running and swimming, he’s better than he looks. He’s pretty sure he can place in the top ten—and bring in major trophy points—in the final mile-long swim race across Lake Surprise. But he doesn’t count on being followed by the shadow of Big Joe, the giant vicious snapping turtle of camp lore. Wasn’t that supposed to be a legend?" Publisher: Random House, 2010, 160 pp.

Nuts by Kacy Cook

Nuts by Kacy Cook: Book Cover
  From the Publisher: "Eleven-year-old Nell finds a baby squirrel that has fallen out of its nest.  With help from her two younger brothers and an online web site, Nell learns how to care for the squirrels.  Nell is willing to do anything to keep her new pets safe, even if it involves telling a few lies."
Publisher: Marshall Cavenish, 2010, 160 pp.

Star in the Forest by Laura Resau

Star in the Forest by Laura Resau: Book CoverFrom the Publisher: "Zitlally's family is undocumented, and her father has just been arrested for speeding and deported back to Mexico. As her family waits for him to return—they’ve paid a coyote to guide him back across the border—they receive news that he and the coyote’s other charges have been kidnapped and are being held for ransom. Meanwhile, Zitlally and a new friend find a dog in the forest near their trailer park. They name it Star for the star-shaped patch over its eye. As time goes on, Zitlally starts to realize that Star is her father’s “spirit animal,” and that as long as Star is safe, her father will be also. But what will happen to Zitlally’s dad when Star disappears?"  Publisher: Random House, 2010, 160 pp.

The Very Little Princess by Marion Bauer

The Very Little Princess by Marion Dane Bauer: Book CoverFrom the Publisher: "Regina is only 3-1/4 inches tall, but she knows from the moment she wakes up in her dollhouse bed that she is a princess. Why else would she have such a lovely pink gown? Why else would she have such golden hair and flawless skin? And why else would she have a four-foot, curly-haired human creature to wait on her? Meanwhile Zoey, that four-foot, curly-haired creature, has always dreamed that someday one of her dolls would come alive. But in her dreams, the doll never ordered her around. The doll didn’t call her a servant. And the doll was a whole lot nicer!"
Publisher: Random House, 2010, 298 pp.