Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nuts by Kacy Cook

Nuts by Kacy Cook: Book Cover
  From the Publisher: "Eleven-year-old Nell finds a baby squirrel that has fallen out of its nest.  With help from her two younger brothers and an online web site, Nell learns how to care for the squirrels.  Nell is willing to do anything to keep her new pets safe, even if it involves telling a few lies."
Publisher: Marshall Cavenish, 2010, 160 pp.


  1. Very good story, can make a good personal connection actually!

  2. I'm delighted to see my book on your reading list! Enjoy ... and go a little Nuts!

    Kacy Cook

  3. I liked the strong homeschooled characters and interesting plot. It addresses important issues about nature and wildlife in a non-didactic way.

  4. I lived how Nell does everything to keep her squirrels from getting hurt. Great book!