Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Mysterious Howling by MaryRose Wood

Cover Image15-year-old Penelope Lumley, educated at Swanborne Academy, accepts her  first position as governess at Aston Place.  Mysteries abound when Penelope discovers that the children she is suppose to care for have been raised by wolves!  The first in a proposed series, The Mysterious Howling is a great book.
Publisher: Harper Collins, 2010, 267 pp.


  1. I thought that MaryRose Wood did something different than people would expect. I like that she makes two characters have interesting names. I hope the second book comes out soon because I will definitely read it. I hope you read the book too!

  2. This book was very interesting. MaryRose Wood did a very good job!

  3. This book was very unquie and mysterious. I like how MaryRose Wood left things a mystery for the next book. I can't wait for the second to come out!