Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nature Girl by Jane Kelley

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From the Publisher: "Eleven-year-old Megan is stuck in the wilds of Vermont for the summer with no TV, no Internet, no cell phone, and worst of all, no best friend. So when Megan gets lost on the Appalachian Trail with only her little dog, Arp, for company, she decides she might as well hike all the way to Massachusetts where her best friend, Lucy, is spending her summer. Life on the trail isn’t easy, and Megan faces everything from wild animals and raging rivers to tofu jerky and life without bathrooms. Most of all, though, Megan gets to know herself—both who she’s been in the past and who she wants to be in the future—and the journey goes from a spur-of-the-moment lark to a quest to prove herself to Lucy, her family, and the world!"
Publisher: Random House, 2010, 256 pp.


  1. I could totally, like, understand Megan's frustration at her parents because they forced her to spend the summer on a farm instead of letting her be with her friends. I liked her adventure a lot. Anne

  2. I've been put in spots like that, so I can personally relate to that. I feel your pain Megan, I feel your pain.\